Smart Drive with Ford SYNC

Driving at times can be a hassle especially when you have a call to make or receive. The new Ford SYNC 3 has, however, solved this problem by putting in a software that enables you to make or receive a call without necessarily holding the phone. Your focus on the road is therefore improved, and to add on that you keep on the conversation which might happen to be a crucial work discussion.

The car is also designed to enable the driver to keep using his favorite phone apps, that's again to the installed voice recognition software. Likewise, you are able to operate the car radio without touching it. Everything can be voice controlled. All the Ford users are also privileged to use the in-built wife hotspot, a feature that enables everyone traveling to keep using the internet.

For residents of Beatrice, NE, see a vehicle for yourselves at Beatrice Ford Lincoln Inc. that incorporates the technology. Questions and clarification pertaining to the car are warmly welcome.

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